Fundraiser: Renovating classrooms for afterschool programmes for disadvantaged children in Darvari, Ilfov County – Reach for the Stars

Fundraiser: Renovating classrooms for afterschool programmes for disadvantaged children in Darvari, Ilfov County – Reach for the Stars

Politeia’s campaign Reach for the Stars has one core objective – to offer over 100 children from a deprived rural area in Ilfov county, a safe and modern space to engage in afterschool learning programmes that complement the standard school curriculum. The fundraiser aims to raise 2000 euros to cover the renovation and refurbishing costs of two classrooms where children will benefit from inclusive, student-centred pedagogy focused on developing their critical thinking skills and improving overall school performance.

We believe that all children, regardless of their socio-economic status, deserve a fair shot at a good education and a decent life. But we also know that the odds are stacked against families grappling with systemic poverty. In a landscape of rising inequality, nowhere is this more pronounced than in Romania’s deprived rural areas where children’s school performance is tied to their parent’s socio-economic status and their ability to engage with their child’s academic and material needs.

Here at Politeia, we acknowledge the potential of each child, the parents’ concern for their children’s development and teachers’ efforts to implement positive change through the educational process.

Politeia is aiming to support all three groups, by offering courses which are complementary to school activities. The subjects we teach are the traditional ones, featured in the national curriculum. The approach we have, however is different from the traditional teacher-centred pedagogy which continues to focus on students rote learning for assessment and exam preparation. This leaves few opportunities for teachers to engage with students in developing their critical thinking and competency skills, valued by employers and society at large.

In late 2020, HE Space Children’s Foundation (HESCF) sponsored Politeia with 5.000 euro, enough to allow us to start the refurbishment of two classrooms, used at the time as spaces to store desks, closets and other objects. Once we started, we realised there was more work needed than we initially anticipated: the floors were damaged more than we thought, the ceiling lights also needed to be changed and the walls required more attention. In total, we now estimate a supplementary cost of 2.000 euro required to cover the extra-costs.

Politeia is a small Romanian NGO primarily active in a disadvantaged community just outside Bucharest. We have been present in Dârvari for 5 years, providing social and educational support for dozens of families, our activities ranging from afterschool remedial classes, to ensuring clothing for children and even aiding families to connect their house to the electrical grid.

We accept donations on multiple platforms:

Revolut: +40727778858;

On Bursa Binelui platform


Our straight into our Romanian Bank account: 

IBAN: RO43 RNCB 0290 1433 0510 0001 

Bank: Banca Comercială Română București


Name: Asociatia Politeia

Fiscal ID code: 33626532 

Address: Str. Oboga nr. 5, bl. 160, sc. 1, ap. 25, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania 

Postal code: 062197

Thank you for supporting our cause!

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